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- Featured Site -
Stories My In-Laws Told Me
A delightful, often hilarious, collection of stories garnered from family tales related over the years. Beautifully written & designed.

Arcanum Cafe
One of the premier online communities for posting original poetry and writing, as well as reading, critiquing and sharing with other writers.

Looking For Literature @ The Rejection Slip
A list of sources for searching for that elusive or useful book you've been longing for. Just one of numerous resources for readers and writers at The Rejection Slip. This is a varied and useful site.
Online writing tutorials, an excellent weekly newsletter and tons of great content, well worth the visit.
A community site for authors and those who love literature. Authors can self publish on our site, for no initial outlay and retain 80% of the sale price. Titles are sold in electronic format (text, word or adobe) and are available for immediate download. The site also features excerpts, reviews and more.

Bella Online - Women in Literature An excellent resource for women writers online
Society of Aspiring Writers (SAW) BookSlave's creative writing forum: features writing exercises, original works, discussion and critique with other writers. Check it out today.
Sarnath This site is famous & delightful; a must-see
The Labyrinth Another famous site, filled with content for readers and writers to wander through
The Heart of The Dreaming Inspired by DC/Vertigo's The Dreaming and The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman, this site is a wonderworld of imaginative adventure.
Literary Kicks: Beat generation authors
The Germ: The Romantics, Pre-Raphaelites, Bloomsbury Movement
The Book Lovers Club
For Poetry Lovers Serious discussion forums on classical literature
Library of Babylon
Jolly Roger Billed as the "World's Largest Literary Cafe" and connected with several other sites on classic literature
The Literature Nook Tons of links here, multi-genre
Playbill Online

Word Games, Crosswords, Dictionaries

Omnibus Several types of quirky word puzzles to amuse you Brain games, puzzles and pastimes - Excellent website!
TriviaBlitz Gameroom Fast, witty games - several editions
Tarot Card Reader Includes I Ching, Runes, Tarot cards and other divinations
Crossword Cafe Daily crosswords and other games, by Timothy Parker
Funster Fast-paced, interactive word game - Addicting!
Merriam-Webster's Language Center Wordplay, Word of the Day, Crosswords, transcripts from the radio series 'Word For the Wise'
Word Spy / Logophilia Word lovers' website extraordinaire. Best-done site of its kind I've found on the internet.

Find more Cool Dictionaries in our Writer's Toolkit

Resources, Reviews, Booksellers, Miscellany

The Boox Review Reviews of variety of titles, updated monthly, plus essays and author interviews. An elegant website that does nothing but review books.
Womens Wire: Book Reviews
Welcome to Tesseract 459-33-3127 A very cool section of the Awaken site
Mythago Woods A Lavondyss fantasy gallery
BIBLIOMANIA BookSlave's bookstore: books, magazines, music, gifts
Octavo Digital Rare Books
The Bookcart Trade used paperbacks for just cost of postage!
All-Electric Books: Used, Rare & Out of Print Books
Dusty Covers Used books - great selection

Lovecraftian, Cthulhu & weird fiction

New York Times Book Review at Barnes and Noble Find Out-Of-Print Books


More Favorite Writer's Sites & Literary Communities
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