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Writer's Toolkit

Language Tools
Search Tools for Writers: Dictionary, thesaurus, pronunciation, anagrams, translations. Also includes a currency converter and links to other useful tools.


Manuscript Submission Guidelines

So to Speak: Figures of Speech (coming soon)

Whose Who's?: Problem Words and Phrases (coming soon)

SAW: Society of Aspiring Writers

Are you an aspiring writer? Check out the SAW Forum:

Merriam-Webster Language Center My personal resource favorite. Features the popular Word for the Wise, WordCentral for kids, WOTD by e-mail, articles and word games.
World Wide Words Investigating international English from a British viewpoint.
Oxford English Dictionary The complete text of the OED twenty-volume Second Edition and three-volume Additions Series, is now available online. There is a subscriber fee; however, one can join a free mailing list for "Word of the Day" and increase your vocabulary exponentially.
The College Slang Page Hip language from the hallowed halls of university.
Paradox Concepts Will Greenway's storehouse of sci-fi, fantasy, and general writing terminology. He also encourages people to submit their own terms for inclusion.
Your Vast library includes specialty dictionaries, grammars, language identifiers, multilingual dictionaries, every tool you can imagine for the linguist. Word Of The Day mailing, a library of articles about linguistics, all compiled by Dr. Robert Bead of Pennsylvania's Bushnell University.
Bartlett's Quotations Well-indexed, easy to navigate site
Writers and Writings Helpful, interesting website
Clerihews by Nanora Sweet Very entertaining
Writer's Center
Novalearn Software for writers and varied, useful articles from Writers Online
Writer's Notebook
OUTCRY Magazine Promoting books and authors
Diadem Books Promoting self-published authors & small presses
Suite 101 This is a neat, ad-free community organized around a huge array of topics, with articles submitted by members and many useful resources and tools.
Write101 Excellent site featuring writing lessons, articles, and much more. My favorite feature is Write Way, a truly useful and interesting weekly newsletter.
A Celebration of Women Writers
Writer's Digest Online guide to getting published, plus its other great features that have made this one a standard.
Research-It! One-stop reference desk
The Bible Browser

More Favorite Writing Sites

Contribute to the Toolkit!

Your ideas, writing tips, or complete articles are invited and encouraged. My idea for the Writer's Toolkit is to compile, through a collaborative effort, a truly useful and varied resource for writers, by writers. All appropriate, on-topic contributions will be incorporated into the Toolkit, with appropriate credit given. Original articles will be bylined, with reciprocal link if you have a related website.
To submit articles, writing tips, or suggestions, here is a
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