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Gothic, Roleplaying, Weirdly-Amusing Sites

Featured Site

Atomic Art - amazing graphics

Gothic & Roleplaying Links

Stranger Than Angels Don't miss this beautiful site!
Cinny's Page Devoted to WoD, original stories, wolves
Gothgurl's Experiment This eclectic site is really worth a visit.
Heaven's Playground Thoughts on the enriching values of roleplaying, stories, more.
Tazja Lovecraft's Brujah Stomping Grounds
Heart of the Dreaming Must see. Inspired by Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, terrific graphics, interactive games, Gaiman info.
Anarchs Unite!! Anarky Xx's page
Silvara's Mysteries of Vampires Another lovely page...
These Infinite Spaces - Rhiannon's Page
The Gothic Hall Like gothic interactive storytelling? Here's a good one
Inamoena Tempora Hauntingly beautiful
Wolf of Death's Page of the Vampire
Khayman II's Dark Delights (WoD)
Dark Knowledge A Malkavian detective story
Mezroc's Home for Gangrels
A Taste Of Vitae
The Malkavian Web Page Huge and CrAzY Malkie place
Arislyn's Tower A very interesting elf lets us in on her world...
Clan Brujah - Complete info and V:tM game info
Vampyres Among Us
City of the Silent Have a taste for cemetery culture?
A Macabre Minuet Another beautifully-designed site
H.P. Lovecraft Tarot Deck Cool Lovecraftian designs by D.J. Hutchinson

Roleplay Gaming Resources, Sites, Quaint Miscellany

Visit the Dark Lord Portal - Your gateway to adventure! The entrance to Lord Greywolf's Castle and the Dark Lord gaming website. Don't miss it!

Basement Games Creators of the Forge: Out of Chaos RPG and the World of Juravia. This is a cool RPG site!

White Wolf Online Where this all began. Home of V:tM, M:tA...well, you know the drill
The Necropolis: New York by Night Custom V:tM campaign, Scarlet Letter Bookstore
RPGnet Mucho Gaming Info here
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness Most excellent source for WhiteWolf Games, huge library of player-created powers, disciplines, etc.
Troll's MasqNet Invaluable resources for Vampire: the Masquerade fans
Web of Darkness Tons of info, gaming links
Steve Jackson Games Valuable resource: home of GURPs games & more
Buds for Duds Black Roses for sale!
The Los Angeles Grim Society Where Cemetery Culture Meets Celebrity and Fame
Ipso Facto Goth Shoppe Goth & Fetish Merchandise
Black Sunrise Gothic Accessories

Mythos Bookstore Lovecraftian, Cthulhu, supernatural & weird fiction; complementary items, hard-to-find & out-of-print titles

Pagan Daybook II Cool calendar and screen saver. One of the products from Alchemy Mindworks. Also: graphics programs and the outstanding novels of Steven William Rimmer.

Poetry and Fantasy Sites
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Goth, Roleplay & Related Zines

Vampire Junction
Blue Blood Original gothic decadence
Suffering is Hip
Feed - Cultural & Literary Zine
The Fortean Times A Journal of Strange Phenomenon

Book Reviews, Fav Lists, Author Spotlights

Featured Author: Neil Gaiman, creator of the award-winning graphic novel series THE SANDMAN and author of NEVERWHERE, reviewed in our Gaiman tribute.

Fastfind White Wolf game books at BarnesandNoble:
Vampire the Masquerade Mage the Ascension Werewolf The Apocalypse
Changeling: The Dreaming World of Darkness

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