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Listing of Posts

Posts are by topic, as nearly as I can decide how they should be categorized. I divided the weblog into four pages: Literary, Culture & Politics, Essays/Rants, Everything Else.

This way, you don't have to wade through sites and rantings on topics you couldn't care less about, just to find comments on the latest literary community.

Here are the latest posts. Have comments, flames, suggestions? Write me at

Arcanum Cafe

Culture & Politics:
Two Commentaries on Election 2000: Electoral College v. elusive perfect will of the people; Observing Nader in defiant non-defeat on election night.

Deep Rift in the Land of Opportunity:
my thoughts on the profound split in the populace, and how confronting it could lead to resolving it.

Everything Else:
Quiz Site, a history treasure trove, BigFix and a great text editor. Plus photo of my furry babies.

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