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Do you like taking quizzes? Personality tests? Then is for you. They feature more tests than you can shake a No. 2 pencil at - fun ones, serious ones.

Posted: Sun, Nov 26, 2000 / 8:10 am

History House offers history as it should be taught: travails of everyday citizens, salacious doings in times of higher morals, stumbling ignorance of powerful sovereigns, and surprising stories about people no smarter or dumber than we are. Superb stories, reviews of new books and a definite sense of style.

Posted: Sun, Nov 26, 2000 / 8:25 am

My babies: Deuteronomy (back) and Jezebel chill out.

Are you at a loss when something goes wrong with your computer? Are you always wondering if there are updates for any of the software you've downloaded? I was -- until I got BigFix! BigFix is a great new technology that can fix all kinds of problems on your PC before they affect your computer, protecting you from bugs, security holes, and problems caused by outdated software. They keep your Windows updated, and they also 'know' about most of your other software. It's similar to services offered by the major download sites, but this is BigFix's only service.'s completely FREE! Give it a try.

Posted: Sun, Nov 26, 2000 / 9:00am

Need a text editor more fully-featured than Notepad? I've got ya covered! NoteTab Pro is a an incredibly useful text editor that doubles as a great HTML editor. A tabbed multi-document program, it is programmable through its Clip language, meaning you can do everything from simple macros to complex scripts. Comes with several ready-made script Libraries, web-enabled. Extensive support. Just check it out. $19.95 after trial period, there's also a Freeware version.

Posted: Sun, Nov 26, 2000 / 8:40am

BookSlave's Holiday Gift to You: Kaboom Organizer (includes calendar, daily diary, journal, contact manager, email client, todo list and more).
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