when i get a little money i buy books;
if any is left,
i buy food and clothes.
(Desiderius Erasmus)
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New Author Spotlight:
Spotlight on New Authors is our newest feature. Bookslave will feature in this section authors that have recently published for the first time, or have ventured into new genres or styles of work. All will be authors whom we deem worthy of a second look, and we'll always try to offer interviews and extra information about these new writers.
Our first featured author is Joe Matlock, who wrote The Dance, a unique blend of adventure and romance.

Author Tribute: Neil Gaiman Our tribute to the enormously talented and prolific Brit-turned-Yank of The Sandman fame includes reviews of several works of fiction, a biographical sketch and some related links.

Spotlight Review: The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living
A special review of the hilarious new novel, submitted by guest editor Elizabeth Franks.

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Society of Aspiring Writers ForumSAW: Society of Aspiring Writers

Hone your creative skills with regular writing exercises. Compare notes, share creative work with other aspiring writers. Original works of all structure and genre are welcome in SAW's friendly, constructive, open-forum atmosphere. Click logo above to enter the SAW Forum.
Current writing exercise: RAIN NEW!

Our serial story "Carl's Night Out: A Mystery" awaits your entry! Drop by the forum and advance the plot with your unique ideas!

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