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Tales of Myth and Legend

Oral storytelling is one of humankind's oldest traditions. By the time our oldest myths and legends began to be written down, they were already hundreds of years old. These tales paint a picture of life from the early dawn of civilization, when the world was young and people were closely connected to nature, a time when immortal gods and goddesses interacted with mortals. Yet they remain vitally relevant and meaningful to us today, speaking to us across hundreds of years and vast culture gaps from their origins.

Mythology attempts to illuminate the fundamental mysteries of human existence by use of symbolism, anecdote and allegory. The big questions of life do not change: life and death, joy and sorrow, loss and grief, love and heartbreak, misfortune and fear -- these basic human concerns are what myths put into perspective and try to render acceptable by virtue of their encompassing nature.

Across all cultures and eras, mythology remains a subtext in human endeavor. One fascinating facet of these stories is their similarities, regardless of origin. Though details and pantheons vary between cultures, myths and legends themselves are strikingly similar through the ages, serving as a reminder of our essential oneness as a species.

Women in mythology is our current project. The women of myth and legend run the gamut of archetypes, viewpoints, circumstances and fate. From siren to huntress, from maiden to goddess, women play a significant role in every cultural mythology.

This is not intended to be an encyclopedic summary of mythology. The idea here is to offer stories and tales grouped by different topics, to illustrate the ways in which the world's various mythologies are similar. The initial plan includes Classical (Greek and Roman), Norse, Chinese, Japanese, African and Druid tales, and in time, selected fairy tales and urban legends.

Women in Mythology

Daphne: A Love Story
How Phoebus Apollo came to call the Laurel his sacred tree

Chinese Fairy Tales: Li Chi Slays The Serpent
A courageous daughter illustrates the influence of Taoism in Chinese mythology

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