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Gareth Vaughan's
High Level Discipline Powers

Created by:

Gareth Edward Vaughan


****** Hibernate
By humming a lullaby, the Cainite can cause normal animals within earshot to enter hibernation. Only one type of animal can be affected at any one time.
System: Roll Manipulation + Animal Ken (6, or 8 for ghoul animals). The power user may not affect more animals than twice her Animal Ken score. The number of successes determines length of hibernation.
Successes Duration:
1 Two days; 2 One week; 3 One month; 4 Six months; 5 One year
The animal can be woken prematurely. If disturbed or shaken, it may roll Willpower (7). 5 successes will wake the animal. This can be an extended roll, but a botch will eliminate any successes so far accumulated.


****** All-round Vision
This allows a Cainite to view all 360 degrees around him.
System: This power operates at will, and can be combined with other Auspex powers. The Cainite must score one success on an Intelligence + Alertness (7) roll or spend 3 turns unable to act due to sensory overload.

****** Attunement
A Cainite with this power can tell when a person is talking about him, and can hear what is being said.
System: The Storyteller should make a secret Perception + Alertness roll (8). Each success allows the user to hear for 1 minute after her name has been spoken. This power detects intent, and will not react if someone is speaking about another person with the same name as the user.


****** Cloak of Mists
This power works like the level 2 Obfuscate power Unseen Presence.
System: As Unseen Presence. The user can affect as many targets as her Stealth score.


****** Diabolic Servitude
This power binds an Infernal Host into a living body. The Host type need not be specified for this power to be effective. The summoner must continually control the demon (see below).
System: Roll Manipulation + Occult (8). The Host body must be mortal and living at the time of summoning. The demon will remain for one week per success before the body dissolves and dispels it. The Baali must roll Manipulation + Intimidation (Host's Willpower) to command it. If at any time a Botch is rolled, the demon will attack the summoner.


******* Bedlam
This power stirs up everyone within earshot of the user, causing total chaos.
System: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation (8). Affected targets become agitated and may start fighting. Roll Self Control/Instinct (No of successes + 4) to resist Frenzy. This is a nice power to use at a Brujah party.

****** Bereavement
This causes the target to feel intense grief.
System: Roll Manipulation + Empathy (Target's Intelligence + Conscience/Conviction). The Target breaks down in blood tears, and is unable to function for successes x 15 minutes, losing one Blood Point every 15 minutes. The affected vampire may try to snap out by making a Willpower roll (8) but must accumulate as many successes as the power user did. This power only works on vampires.

****** Bravado
The target of this power firmly believes he can do anything and will boast about his prowess constantly. He may even attempt to prove it.
System: Roll Manipulation + Empathy (Target's Willpower) to activate. The number of successes indicates the power's duration.
Successes Duration:
1 One night; 2 Three nights; 3 One week; 4 Two weeks; 5+ One month


****** Sunder
This power breaks any form of mental control over one target, whether magical, Domination, Blood Bonds, etc.
System: Roll Manipulation + Leadership (8). All forms of mental control over target are broken, but they may be re-established in the usual ways. A Cainite may not use this power on herself.


****** Hush
This power prevents targets from uttering a sound as long as the user remains singing.
System: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation (7). The user may affect as many targets as his Music score. Affected targets may attempt to speak by rolling Willpower (User's Willpower) and accumulating as many successes as the user did. One target breaking the "spell" does not break it for any of the others, however. They must each roll individually.

******* Torch Song
This song causes its listeners to start burning.
System: Roll Manipulation + Music (8). Each success causes one health level of fire damage, possibly causing Rötschreck. If a target receives damage equal to or greater than his Stamina, he is set ablaze, and will suffer an additional two health levels damage each turn. The fire is normal fire, and will not burn without oxygen or under water. It will only affect those who can hear the song. (Therefore, deaf people are immune!)


******* Mysterious Traveler
This power causes all manner of rumours about the user to spread around the city. Every rumour will be different, attributing different appearances, manners and actions. Many will indicate the user has left town one way or another, unless he desires otherwise. One or more rumours may even contain some truth!
System: Roll Charisma + Stealth (7). The rumours will last one night per success before fading from people's memories.


******* Wall of Shadows
The Cainite with this power can create a flowing wall of pure shadow, which cannot easily be penetrated.
System: The wall created is a foot thick and can be up to the user's Manipulation + Occult x 5 yards long. To create it, a Manipulation + Occult (8) roll is required, and the wall has a rating equal to the number of successes. No creature with a Strength less than the rating can push through the wall. Melee and missile attacks through the wall have dice deducted from their damage rolls equal to the wall's rating. The wall itself can only be dispelled by direct sunlight, or by the will of the power user, who does not need to concentrate to maintain it.


****** Brilliant Halo
This power causes all who see it to feel a saintly reverence toward the user. Those affected will defer to her in all things.
System: As Majesty (level 5) but the difficulty to resist is the user's Charisma + Acting.

******* Congregate
This power works like Summon (Level 4) but it affects multiple targets with a single power roll.
System: As Summon. The user can summon up to her Charisma x 3 targets. The difficulty is always that of the hardest target for Summon. (Thus if you were summoning 5 targets, one of which you've summoned before, one who has resisted your Presence, and three strangers, then the difficulty for summoning all of them is 8). The result applies to all targets equally.

****** Delirium
This power duplicates the Lupine ability to cause Delirium when in Crinos form.
System: An Appearance + Intimidation (7) roll is required to activate this power. The effect is determined normally according to the Werewolf rules.

****** Lull
This power soothes and calms a target.
System: Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge (Target's Intelligence + Empathy). The affected target will become calm and passive for one hour per success. During this time, he will not resist any action against him, and will follow when lead. He also gains 5 dice to resist Frenzy, but this power will not bring a target out of Frenzy once it has started. If the target does Frenzy, then the power is broken.

******* Worship
This power causes witnesses to worship the Cainite as though he were God Himself.
System: Similar to Brilliant Halo above, but affected targets have 2 less dice to resist the effects.


****** Blood Lust
This power instills a terrifying Blood Lust in one target.
System: The user spends a Blood Point and rolls Willpower (Target's Willpower). Any degree of success causes the target to enter a feeding Frenzy, attempting to drink as much blood as he can. The effect lasts for 1 minute per success, and is not limited to Cainites -- mortals can be affected just as easily, but they must roll Humanity (8) in coming out or gain a Derangement. Cainites must accept the consequences of their Frenzy as usual.


******** Chimæra
The Cainite using this power can transform her body into the mythical Chimæra, gaining two heads -- a dragon's and a goat's, bat-like wings, a lion's body and a scorpion tail. She retains her own head, but her neck grows into a snake's body.
System: The user rolls Stamina + Body Alteration (8) and spends 5 Blood Points and a Willpower Point. The change takes 3 turns to complete. While in this form, the Cainite has a number of abilities. First, she gains +4 to all Physical Attributes, but all Social Attributes are reduced to 1. The snake-like neck can turn to look directly behind with no effort. In combat, each extra head may attack. The goat's head butts for 4 damage, while the dragon's head bites for 5 damage. The scorpion tail can also strike (gaining Initiative, difficulty 7) causing 2 damage. This injects an acidic poison, fatal to mortals, which inflicts 1 damage every turn for 5 turns. The lion body can also attack with a single claw per turn, for 3 damage. The Chimæra can also fly at a rate of up to 30 feet per turn. The wings and muscles are strong enough to allow it to hover indefinitely.


Draconic Embrace

(Disciplines Required: Protean 4, Fortitude 4; Experience Cost: 35)
Description: For a cost of 3 Blood points, the power user gains the hard scales and wings of a dragon. The scales act as 1 point of armour, and protect the user completely from normal fire. The wings allow flight at up to 50 feet per turn, but can easily support hovering. Each turn this power is active, however, 1 Blood point must be spent to maintain it.

Fiery Mantle

(Disciplines Required: Protean 3, Fortitude 3; Experience Cost: 25)
The user spends 5 Blood points and is instantly surrounded with flames. He gains complete protection from fire while this power is active, and anyone who touches him will take 2 levels of fire damage. However, each turn in which he would have been burned or someone touches him, he must spend a Blood Point to maintain the Fiery Mantle.

Warp Spasm

(Disciplines Required: Protean 4, Animalism 3; Experience Cost: 30)
Note: Only characters of the Road of the Beast may learn this power.
Description: This power allows the user to become a Force of Nature. He must spend a Willpower point and roll his Road rating (7) to initiate this power. For each success he gets, he may add one point to any Physical Attribute, as the very earth boosts his abilities. However, all his Social Attributes are reduced to 0 during the Warp Spasm. He must also roll to resist Frenzy upon activating this power. If he can resist, he can end the Warp Spasm whenever he chooses. If he Frenzies, the power wears off at the same time as the Frenzy does. This power is also known as The Touch of Gaia.

Serpent Warrior

(Disciplines Required: Protean 4, Serpentis 4; Experience Cost: 35)
Description: With the use of this power, the Setite may assume the form of a large snake-man. Essentially, this is a snake with arms, which can hold weapons. Assuming the form costs 3 Blood Points, and inflicts 3 Health Levels of damage, which can be healed normally. The Setite gains the powers of the standard Level 4 Serpentis, but retains the use of his arms. The snake body has an armour value of 1 and spikes can be grown by spending a Blood Point. These spikes add +2 damage to the user's Brawl attacks, and anyone trying to grapple him takes 3 dice of damage per turn automatically. The spikes are poisonous to mortals.

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